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Our Mission

The Minority Humanitarian Foundation's mission is to establish a safe passage for those who would like to leave the country of Iraq, and create a safe haven for those who wish to stay within the country.

We support a 3 step process to go about such matters. First we must grant humanitarian aid to Iraq's minorities. Second, the world must rid both Iraq and Syria of ISIS. Finally, we must work with the new Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadiensure, to ensure a more inclusive government. One that is representative of Sunni's, Shiites, Kurds, Christians, and Yezidis alike.

While it seems as though there is very little for us to do in the face of such an undeniable evil, we can in fact influence fundamental change from our very homes. Follow us in our journey to end the genocide in Iraq. And please keep those displaced, killed, mutilated, and persecuted in your thoughts and prayers daily.‚Äč

Arabo List

We have compiled a list with thousands of names of people who wish to seek asylum from the Christian genocide in Iraq and Syria. If you have friends or family who wish to seek refuge please add their names to the list.

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Prayer Wall

The Minority Humanitarian Foundation has launched a virtual prayer wall for thousands of individuals in need of the power of prayer. Help us build our wall to put the power in the hands of the powerless.

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Asylum Aid

Through Asylum Aid people have the opportunity to adopt or temporarily provide housing for families and individuals that have been displaced by this genocide. Thank you for opening you hearts and home to those in need.

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