Group calls for release of Chaldean refugees

Clutching rosaries, posters reading “Don’t jail Christians,” and religious images of Jesus and the Virgin Mary, members of San Diego’s Chaldean community Thursday sought to call attention to the plight of 27 Iraqi Christians being held at the Otay Detention Center. The group of about 30 demonstrators assembled for an hourlong prayer service outside the […]

San Diego-area Chaldean priest ordered back to Iraq: ‘He’ll be killed’

Speaking in Aramaic, Father Noel Gorgis is preaching to parishioners of St. Peter Chaldean Catholic Church at a Saturday night Mass. Older parishioners are pleased that Gorgis celebrates Mass — and hears confessions — in Arabic and Aramaic, the ancient language of the Chaldean people. Younger parishioners appreciate Gorgis’ use of websites and live-streaming. ———— […]


Iraqi-American Christian Leader Says U.S. Gov’t Should Open Doors to Displaced Iraqis

A Christian leader in the Iraqi community in eastern San Diego County is petitioning the government to enact a law granting displaced Iraqi Christians and other religious minorities facing horrific persecution at the hands of Islamic extremists a chance for new life in the United States. Mark Arabo, an outspoken advocate for Iraqi Christians, is […]

Fighting for victims, from SD to Iraq

Mark Arabo, 31, is one of the most active and outspoken advocates for Chaldeans, a persecuted religious minority in Iraq that has suffered at the hands of the terrorist group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. About 20 years ago, he was an “All-American boy” — or trying to become one. He played track, basketball […]