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A child stands at the entrance of a tent at a makeshift camp for refugees and migrants at the Greek-Macedonian border, near the village of Idomeni, Greece March 15, 2016. REUTERS/Alkis Konstantinidis

Iraqi Christian Leader Mark Arabo Praises US For Condemning ISIS Atrocities as ‘Genocide’: ‘It’s Proof God Answers Prayers’

In a move many Christian groups are calling a “victory,” U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday declared that the Islamic State terrorist group is committing genocide against Christians and other ancient minority groups in the Middle East. “My purpose in appearing before you today is to assert that in my judgement, Daesh [Arabic […]


John Kerry: Iraqi Christians are victims of ‘genocide’

Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday said members of the Islamic State militant group have committed genocide against Christians and other ancient minority groups in the Middle East, though the classification is unlikely to change U.S. policy. Christians; Yezidis, a Kurdish-speaking people who live largely in northern Iraq; and Shia Muslims have fallen victim […]

Iraq’s Christians frustrated by US debate over ‘genocide’

Iraq’s beleaguered Christian community is frustrated and confused by the seemingly semantic debate taking place in Washington, where the Obama administration is trying to determine if their plight adds up to genocide. The U.S. is believed to be close to a decision on whether the atrocities ISIS has committed against Christians and other religious minorities […]

Iraqi, Syrian Christians may be deemed genocide victims

Advocates with San Diego’s Minority Humanitarian Foundation are calling on White House officials to officially label Christians in the Middle East as victims of genocide. Mark Arabo, president and founder of the organization, and spokesman Lundon Attisha met in San Diego this week with David Saperstein, the Department of State’s ambassador- at-large for international religious […]

San Diego Resident Running ‘Underground Railroad’ to Help Iraqi Refugees Fleeing ISIS

A San Diego-area nonprofit running an “underground railroad” is trying to save “as many people as possible” from turmoil in Iraq by finding them refuge in Southern California, and it has tens of thousands of Christian Iraqis on its waiting list. Mark Arabo, a first generation Iraqi-American born and raised east of San Diego, founded […]


‘Underground railroad’ helping Iraqi refugees in California

SAN DIEGO — A Southern California nonprofit is running an “underground railroad” to assist Chaldean Catholics fleeing the turmoil in Iraq, its founder says. Mark Arabo, a first-generation Iraqi-American, founded the Minority Humanitarian Foundation out of impatience with Washington’s inability to deal with the crisis created by Islamic State militants, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported […]

Group calls for release of Chaldean refugees

Clutching rosaries, posters reading “Don’t jail Christians,” and religious images of Jesus and the Virgin Mary, members of San Diego’s Chaldean community Thursday sought to call attention to the plight of 27 Iraqi Christians being held at the Otay Detention Center. The group of about 30 demonstrators assembled for an hourlong prayer service outside the […]

San Diego-area Chaldean priest ordered back to Iraq: ‘He’ll be killed’

Speaking in Aramaic, Father Noel Gorgis is preaching to parishioners of St. Peter Chaldean Catholic Church at a Saturday night Mass. Older parishioners are pleased that Gorgis celebrates Mass — and hears confessions — in Arabic and Aramaic, the ancient language of the Chaldean people. Younger parishioners appreciate Gorgis’ use of websites and live-streaming. ———— […]


Iraqi-American Christian Leader Says U.S. Gov’t Should Open Doors to Displaced Iraqis

A Christian leader in the Iraqi community in eastern San Diego County is petitioning the government to enact a law granting displaced Iraqi Christians and other religious minorities facing horrific persecution at the hands of Islamic extremists a chance for new life in the United States. Mark Arabo, an outspoken advocate for Iraqi Christians, is […]

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